Favorite Podcasts // Vol.1


What can I tell you…I listen to a whole bunch of different podcasts. Five days a week, 2 hours a day, while I commute. This is the most meaningful thing you can do while being stuck in traffic!

Who needs real friends when you have podcasts

There are podcasts in every spoken language and about every topic you can imagine. There is definitely a podcast for everyone. Since this is a translation for the original post in german, I will just introduce my favorite englisch podcasts to you and add two extra suggestions.

I love listening to english podcasts. This is how I keep in touch with the language and expand my vocabulary. This goes as far as I dream in english, when I lock myself up in our appartment and binge listen a whole weekend – Yes, I have introvert tendencies and recover from life while listening to ppl I don’t know and will never meet, talk about random stuff 😀

Who needs RL friends, when you have Podcasts!

Waht and Where?

Tastes differ and and interests are very individual. These are just some suggestions of podcasts for you to listen to, which I really like! Maybe you will find something that fits your interests.

Primary I use Spotify, Sticher and Podcastaddict. Latter is not available for android and since I switched to Apple I use Sticher. I have to admit , I like Sticher a bit more, because the surface is a bit more user-friendly.

So this is my top 5 for english  podcasts


1. Stuff Mom never told You aka SMNTY (till 28.12.2016) // Then Unladylike

I just love Cristen & Caroline. I could listen to them for hours – and I did! They cover all kinds of feminist subjects…women that made history, eqaulity, LGBT  and so much more! I have to admit, I’ve never been in touch with these kinds of subjects before and Cristen & Caoline made the introduction so easy for me. I hade more than one AHA moment while listening to their podcast.

Unliadylike is the second lovechild of Cristen and Caroline after they left SMNTY and I promise you, if you liked SMNTY you will love Unladylike as well.

Concluision: I Definitely can recommend listen to both podcasts – no matter if you are male, female, or what ever else…


2. Two Girls, One Ghost

Corinne & Sabrina talk about their own encounters and ghost stories, urban legends and read listeners stories as well. I binged this podcast within one week, because I couldn’t get enogh of it.

Concluision: You like ghost stories – listen to this podcast!


3. Let’s not meet: A true Horror Podcast

Andrew reads true stories from the reddit forum „Let`s not meet“.

Concluision: I had trouble sleeping while listening to these stories. You would not believe , how many freaks  are Out there – So, I prefer staying safe on my couch and binge listen to this podcasts!


4. Breakers 

Quote from the website:

„Breakers is Shepherd Grey’s account of what life looks like after organized civilization crumbles as he and his faithful canine companion, Rommel, venture out from their home in Virginia to try and count themselves among the survivors. It has been several years since the outbreak began. The virus is just a sick and twisted part of life now. You test as much as you can, but there is no “preventing” it, only staying alive until you catch it. “Red you’re dead” is a phrase all too commonly heard throughout the world. You have your outlaw rowdy gunslingers, your criers, your survivors, and your breakers… If you don’t fit into those categories, your are among the dead.“

Concluision: The walking Dead for your Ears.


5. This American life

This is how it all started. This is the first english podcast I`d ever listened to and immediately fell in love with it. I also have to admit I have a lil crush on Ira Glass…he is the host an executiveproducer of it.

This American life is a podcast that covers every thinkable segment of an americans life. This may sound very boring at first, but I promise you will be fascinated by the range of subjects that they cover- …you name it and I promise there is an eposiode that covers it.

Concluision: If you are at least a lttle bit like me and you love to listen to Peoples lifestories, this is a podcast for you!

I hope you will find something you like and I will keep you updated on interesting podcasts, I find out about during my daily commute. 😉


I would also like to hear about YOUR favorite podcasts. So feel free to  leave your suggestions in the comments!

Have fun exploring and have a wonderul day!


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